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Dorset is the foodie’s county of Great Britain. The quality comes down to the fresh ingredients with plentiful supplies of crab, lobster, fish and of course the succulent Dorset Lamb.


There is such a huge choice of places to eat. From the humble beachside café to high-end dining. There are some fantastic places almost on Santiago House’s doorstep in Brewers Quay, Weymouth. There are gems to be found in Portland, many within walking distance of Jurassica House.


It would be unfair to list particular eateries, if you would like any guidance, please contact us.


As you would expect there are some quaint foods, particular to Dorset.


Dorset Naga Chilli

The Dorset Naga chilli is almost twice as hot as the current world record holder. It has been cultivated by curry lovers Joy and Michael Michaurd at their home in Dorset.

The chilli was developed from a Bangladeshi pepper they bought at an Oriental food shop in Bournemouth, and is sold with a health warning.

The seeds are so potent handlers must wear gloves and cut the peppers outside in a strong wind so it doesn’t sting their eyes.

Although Nagas are grown in temperatures of well over 100 degrees in Bangladesh, the Dorset variety were cultivated in unheated polythunnels.

When Joy and Michael sent some of the crop to a US laboratory for testing the chilli experts there couldn’t believe the readings they were getting from the pepper samples.

It registered an average score of 923,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), which is 346,000 more than the current Guinness world record holder, the Red Savina.



Dorset Knob

This unique savoury biscuit has been made by the Moores family since 1880. Once created each biscuit has three separate bakings lasting a total of four hours. The whole process taking eight to ten hours! Would you believe there is an annual Dorset Knob throwing competition?



Dorset Blue Vinney Cheese

Dorset Blue Vinny cheese could once be found in nearly every farmhouse in the county. Now there is just one local producer, keeping this cheese alive.

Taking over 24 hours to make and then turned regularly until ready.  A truly delightful cheese.

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