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There are a number of businesses specialising in diving.  Very accessible, the Old Harbour Dive Centre is sited along Weymouth Harbour.


Diving is possible all year round, due to the sheltered location of Portland Harbour. The diving suits all levels of divers, from those on their first sea dives, through to the technical divers diving to below 40 metres. Diving outside the harbour limits is at its best from April through to September.


YYou can expect to see include: Bib, Pouting, Pollock, Ballan Wrasse, Corkwing Wrasse, Blennies, John Dory, Dog Fish, and the occasional ocean Sun Fish. Dolphins and seals have also been spotted. Spider Crabs, Edible crabs, Lobsters, Squat Lobsters, Scallops and Mussels abound, together with many flat fish including Turbot, Brill, Top Knot, Plaice, Lemon Sole and Rays.


There are also many Snakelock Anemones, Nudibranchs and Pipefish, together with many types of seaweed and kelp, providing a kaleidoscope of colour in the spring and summer. 


Portland and the surrounding area offers divers a variety of recreational dive sites. Those dive sites within harbour limits are controlled by Diving Permit, and in some cases, prior notice is required to gain access. For further information on diving in Portland Harbour should contact the Harbour Office on 01305 824044.


You will require a Dive Permit for the following dive sites.


Inner harbour dive sites:

LCT Wreck  –  N 50 34.41 W 002 24.98

Bombardon Unit   –  N 50 34.37 W 002 24.98

The Spaniard (Enicuri) N50 34.83 W 002 24.93

Countess of Erne –  N 50 34.83  W 002 24.92


Outer Harbour Dive Sites:

The Dredger
Balaclava Bay
Chequered Fort


Prohibited dive sites:

The Hood
Harbour at Chequered fort
Controlled area


Diving Permit

If permission to dive is granted a Diving Permit will be issued.  Sports diving, especially wreck diving can be dangerous and the issuing of a dive permit does not imply or warrant that diving anywhere within the limits of the port is safe.  The Harbour Authority accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of sports diving and reminds divers, diver operators and diving organisations of their responsibilities to assess the risks and conduct all diving operations in accordance with appropriate procedures and at all times safely.
Diving Permits are valid only for the periods specified on the permit.

EMAIL  :   PHONE  : 07778 881227