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About Us


We live in London and both work. We also run around like crazy for the children with after-school activities. Their social diaries are jam-packed. We love London, but we also enjoy the fresh air in Weymouth & Portland and the chance to press the pause button and relax.


Why we chose Weymouth and Portland


With a young family, we were looking for somewhere within easy reach of London where we could enjoy some sea air and simply unwind. Weymouth fitted the bill perfectly. It was the first house we looked at and we both instantly fell in love, buying the house just before the 2012 Olympics. The whole area was on a high and we happily got swept along. It takes us around 2 & half hours from North London, door to door and when the house is free, we just pack up the car and go.


Family and friends started to stay at Santiago House and we then rented it to other Guests.  It became so popular that we weren’t able to use it when we wanted to.


Portland came to the rescue and in 2013, we added Jurassica House to the mix.  The sea-view was a major attraction and to watch the sunset is magical.  Our favourite?  For me – Santiago House and for Matthew it is Jurassica House.  You can guess which one we stay in the most!


Our major surprise has been the food. Dorset excels in fantastic cuisine and we continue to find new exciting places, cooking fresh local produce to the highest standards. When embroiled in the daily grind at home, we look forward to heading off to Weymouth or Portland, where the everyday stresses of life get put on hold.


We were lucky to have picked two such fantastic locations.

EMAIL  :   PHONE  : 07778 881227